Monday, April 13, 2009


Hallo Readers, Well, how were you guys doing recently? Have you been busy in working or studying? Well, whatever you have been doing, keep up the good work k. ^_^Hmm, for today, I just want to ask you guys few simple question to be answered. Well, though it is simple but needs consideration as well. Therefore, the question is: “Do you have a place where you could call ‘home’? If you have, what have you done for it? Can you retain it? If not, do you want to look for it? Have you done anything trying to obtain it?”

I myself are on the quest to find the solution as well.. Let’s find it together shall we readers?


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just Customized the blog, hope u enjoy this blog well ^^

Thursday, March 5, 2009

China People

Hello, A warm welcome good morning for you readers, now I am currently at Beijing, China.

The first impression when I went to China  is: 
The ( can see from the picture beside( taken from The current weather here is really cold. For me who lived in the tropical season do need time to adjust to this leftover of this winter season.. 

Most people like to walk and use bycicle around here. However, it is undeniable the amount of cars is quite crowded as well. The traffic here is quite dangerous.. The reason is the traffic light of the crossroad and the huge size of the crossroad.
Most of the time, horn button is necessary to be pressed by the car drivers. Well, there is nothing we can do. This is what a capital city looks like..

The second impression I get is Some China people is quite dirty. But there is some quite clean as well.. There is a place where I usually eat food in the morning, the place is quite dirty, the vase in that place have an armor of dust.. Nobody dares to touch it. and the leftovers of food is everywhere. But most people just eat there like there is nothing there at all. I tried to adapt eat like that but it is too difficult as I choose to bring it back home and eat it at home. 

Some Chinese people also selling snack food on the side of the road with no roof at all. It is totally outdoor.  Well, I think that is quite dirty as well.. But what can I say? they are only try to make a living.. I hope they can just think of some way that is not only making profit but caring about the 
health of the customer as well. 

The last impression I have about Chinese people here is that they eat a lot.. Truly a lot. The amount of normal portion of food here is 2-3 times normal portion in Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore.. It is almost the same price for the food but the portion is largely different, for the readers who loves to eat, then you are mostly welcome to China.. ^^

That's all for today reader, Good Day


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello again Reader^^

Good Day Readers, Sorry for not keep updating my post for a long time. I have been quite busy these past couple of months. In this post, I am gonna share a little bit about my experience on my holiday trip by the end of last year. . I visited Macau, Hongkong, and Kuala Lumpur. I have experienced quite a lot of fun and fenomenal events at those places.

Macau was known as the Second Biggest Gambling City in the world. I only visited "The Venetian" Casino during my last visit. It is a very beautiful place for tourists to come and gambled their money. Most people came from China, Hongkong and even Europe tourists went there to test their fortune there. I was wondering.. how come these people have that much of money to waste on the casino as we know that if you were playing at the casino, it is highly possibilities that you would lose by the end of the night you played. Why not donate that money to people in need? isn't it better that way than wasting your time and money on gambling?

I agree it is very entertaining to join in the gambling because I have experienced it during my last visit. But I did not waste much and for fun only. However, there are rich people who always head there every weekend only to experience losing and wasting their money. I hope those rich people someday would open their eyes and show more consideration to those people in need.

That is all for my comments and opinion in Macau, For Hong Kong, it is a very discipline country. I like the way the HK government rule their country. They charge high prices for parking area and gasoline causing their citizens think twice to afford their own vehicle. They highly care about the healthy of their citizens as they insist that every day at noon 1PM, they have to clean the giant garbage basket where citizens could throw their garbage into. There are a lot more governments praised action which amazed me. I do hope that our Indonesian Government would try to learn a bit or copy their ways of taking care of their citizens, thus not only care about their own pocket money.

As for KL, What I could say about this city is,"a Metropolis City", The amount of Night Club in the city is quite a lot. For people who enjoy "night time entertainment" KL would be one of my best reccomendation. I can say that KL is similar to Jakarta(Capital of Indonesia). It is quite crowded and busy city. My opionion about this city is that the people there should put more respect on "women's right". During my experience, women there is quite considered as mere entertainer for men. Prostitution is quite easily to be found anywhere in the city especially at night time. I hope the government would consider more about this and consider low-income people difficulties..

Well, That's all for my opinion and experience sharing in this post. Thank you for your time in reading my post reader.

Have a nice day,


Monday, September 8, 2008

New Way of Thought

Hail, Readers, how are you? It has been a long time since my last post. I had been quite busy lately. I hope you are fine and always smile as usual. ^_^. This time I would like to talk about our personal thought changing behaviour. I myself as a person have experienced this. I am talking about the differences of influences of thoughts and environments. In my hometown, when I was in high school, most of my friends always talk about what kind of things they should do and what kind of business they should do when they have become a grown ups or adults?
Some may want to open a business or continuing his/her parents businesses. Some may want to work with other people as long as he/she can live.

But when we are studying on a more developing countries, meet people from another countries, studying their culture and technologies, we begin to realize that this world is actually a marvelous beautiful world. I myself really are hoping to be able to travel and see what it is like out there in the other countries. But we also ought to be responsible for other people as well. Such as our family, and other people who care about us.

As my recommendation is, whatever path we choose, "Always looking forward and don't look back anymore." Good day Readers,


Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor guy..

Dear Readers,

How are you? have been doing good lately? here is the pic of another people who have a little hope in the future.. I hope we can do more to help such people more in the future with our strength.


Monday, August 18, 2008


Haill, Good Morning Readers, how was your sleep last night? Did not have any nightmare aren't you? ^_^ I was awoken in mid night by the attack of mosquitoes.. poor me..T_T . Anyway, Today I would like to share about something interesting with you guys. Do you believe in "Karma" Readers? "Karma" is an ancient Indian language word which were used in Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. Law of Karma states that "All living creatures are responsible for the actions and the effect of their actions".

At first, I don't really believe that this is true, because from what I saw in the real world experience where criminals who possess power and strength inside "Big Brother" cannot be captured and judged. Where is the Karma for those criminals? Why they can't be judged?Why are they allowed to continue in presenting their actions towards other people? The answer to those questions are indeed difficult to find.

However, in my real life experience, I do think that I have experienced this Karma.. In the past when I was still a kid, I was unable to help my parents when they had problem. And they were helped by the people who need my help now whom experienced the same problem as my parents did. Isn't this a weird coincidence?

And Recently, I met a person who looked like the person I am in debt so much that I am unable to pay it back anymore. Now this person needs my help. I believe that this is the "Karma" that I must pay in order to move forward in my life.

How about you readers? have you ever experienced something like this? *_*

oh, and one suggestion from me. Don't always RUN from a problem. try to SOLVE the problem.
Wish you have a beautiful day


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